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5 Low-budget marketing hacks for Business Start-ups

Low or no budget for advertising? You need to see this

This is a common situation a lot of start-ups are facing.

They have limited advertising budget, because most depend on bootstrapping as their source of finance but they must market their products/services in order to reach their target audience and make sales.

If your start-up is experiencing this, then you are at the right place. In this post, I’ll be sharing tips on low-budget marketing hacks you should start using from today.

Be a Blog/social media Contributor

The idea of marketing is to make your brand known as much as possible. One way of doing so is by commenting on blogs and social media posts. With every comment, you’re establishing a persistent brand presence and creating perception about yourself and your brand. Ensure your comment is relevant to the post and also make sure your comment gives value. Customers’ perception of your brand is shaped by the quality of your comments.


One of the effective method of marketing that some companies use but a lot of start-ups overlook is cross-promotion. A cross-promotion allows you to partner with related/complimentary businesses who can market your products or services, in exchange for your marketing their products/services.

For example, if you are providing digital marketing services for start-ups you may recommend that they use a certain web designer to create their website. The web designer is your cross-promoting partner. This web designer works with other start-ups too, and recommend you to these clients for digital marketing services.

Network in Person

Don’t overlook the opportunity of marketing in person. You’ll meet great people in person whom you may never come across online. Every person you meet is another marketing possibility. You don’t have to go about disturbing people with your business, but you need to skillful ensure you let people know what you do. A good way to do this is giving out your business card.

The whole idea of networking is marketing. You get to introduce other people to your business in person.

Run a Contest

As much as some scammers have abused this medium, online contests are still a great way to get low-cost marketing publicity. Giving a small gift in a contest is an easy way for your brand to go viral, it also improve your brand’s image.

Build a Referral Program

The most effective forms of marketing are those that you can set up, turn on, and grow — organically, automatically, and with little effort. A referral program or affiliate program may not work for every business, but you can always give it a trial.

An affiliate program turns your customers into a de facto marketing department. You don’t spend marketing money unless they first make a sale on your behalf.